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Dynameco fire extinguishing generators, the innovative and environment-friendly suppression technology.

The Dynameco aerosol fire extinguishing technology is based on a pyrotechnical extinguishing charge. In case of a fire, this extinguishing charge is ignited electrically, thermally or manually.

The pyrotechnical extinguishing charge consisting of potassium nitrate and nitroguanidine is caused to react. The chemical reaction generates potassium carbonate, which flows through a cooling area along with the simultaneously generated reactive gases and then out of the openings at the bottom of the extinguisher, emerging into the environment as a fine aerosol.


The average particle size of the aerosol is between 0.5 and 2.5 μm. The extinguishing effect of the aerosol or the potassium carbonate results from the combination of a physical and a chemical process.

The ionisation in the flame withdraws energy from the combustion process. Free radicals in the flame are bound by the potassium carbonate, thus stopping the chain reaction. The extinguishing principle, therefore, is not based on the removal of the oxygen important for combustion or on cooling, as is the case with other fire extinguishers, but on the principle of interruption of the oxidation process at the molecular level.

Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are certified according to DIN EN2 for B (limited) and C fire-protection classes.

Fire-protection classes according to DIN EN 2
Fire-protection classe B are flammable liquid or liquefiable materials (open flames)

  • petrol
  • benzene
  • oil
  • grease
  • paint
  • tar
  • alcohol
  • stearin
  • paraffin
  • etc...

Fire-protection class B limitation means that Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators are not appropriate as hand extinguishers and may only be employed within firmly installed fire extinguishing systems


Fire-protection classes according to DIN EN 2
Fire-protection classe C are Gas fires (open flames)


  • methane
  • propane
  • hydrogen
  • acetylene
  • town gas
  • letan
  • etc..


The main design characteristics and advantages to other conventional technologies are as follows:

  • Simple system / can be installed by any skilled electrician
  • Economical in comparison to conventional systems
  • Easy integration into existing fire detection, activation or alarm systems
  • Easy and fast installation in buildings, rooms, machines, facilities and equipment
  • Easy removal and installation at other sites (relocation)
  • Easy expansion of the system
  • Minimal downtimes/time of non-use of machines, facilities and equipment or production
  • No damage to or destruction of machines, facilities and equipment by the fire extinguishing agent
  • Very fast fire suppression system (extinguishes in seconds)
  • Direct and fast suppression of the source of fire


  • Suppression takes place in the phase leading up to the fire, minimal consequential damages
  • Official halon substitute extinguishing media i.a.w. US EPA
  • Non-toxic and neutral to the environment
  • O.D.P. (Ozone Depletion Potential) = 0
  • G.W.P. (Global Warming Potential) = 0
  • Extinguisher replacement by the customer/operator
  • Easy replacement of the generator by the customer's/operator's skilled personnel
  • High reliability and availability
  • Extinguishing agent nearly without residues and chemically neutral
  • Non-toxic extinguishing agent
  • No conductivity resulting from the use of the extinguishing agent
    • Extinguishing agent is only generated when required
    • Harmless for the environment
    • No generator maintenance/inspection intervals (as the generator is not pressurised
    • Minimal space requirement for mechanical installation
    • Low weight in relation to the suppression power


    Dynameco fire extinguishers, the innovative, environment-friendly, non-toxic and economical fire extinguishant agent technology for the requirements of our future.

    The Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is a "green" suppression agent technology, which means it is environmentally sound and environmentally safe. (Ozone Depletion Potential = 0, Global Warming Potential =0, negligible residual amounts in the atmosphere).

    The Dynameco fire suppression agent technology is listed as official "HALON substitute" by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The fire suppression agent does not have any detrimental effect on life on our planet; it has the status "non-toxic".

    extinguishing agent toxicity evacuation O2-extrusion green product
    Dynameco none no no yes
    FM 200 low no no no
    CO2 high yes yes no
    Water none no no yes
    Inert gas low yes yes no
    Halon 1301 low no no no

    Dynameco Technology

    • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) = 0
    • Global Warming Potential (GWP) = 0
    • Atmospheric Lifetimes (AL) = 0


    The Dynameco aerosol suppression technology in comparison to conventional suppression technologies.

    Cost of Purchase of Extinguishing Agent in Comparison to Dynameco:




    Cost of Maintenance of Extinguishing Agent in Comparison to Dynameco:


    Weight of Extinguishing Agent in Comparison to Dynameco




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