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The scope of the aerosol extinction DYNAMECO generators.

All Generators DYNAMECO extinguisher can be used according to your purpose for living extinction floods and / or object based on the areas of electromechanical systems and equipment, power generation, transportation machines, data processing, communication and kitchens.

If used for room flooding, the volume of the entire room will be flooded with the extinguishing agent. The fire will be extinguished by a constant distribution of extinguishing agent (aerosol), regardless of where the fire inside the room.

The object of extinction method directs the aerosol flow to the source of fire and extinguished the fire. Typical applications are flammable liquids (gasoline, oil) in machinery, systems and devices.

Furthermore, the extinction of a combination of floods and room-based object can be provided, depending on each application (wind power plants, for example).

The exact design of the fire extinguishing system is based on local knowledge and sources of risk. The interpretation of the extinguishing agent is performed with room flooding, by volume, with room and object-based extinction by specifying the object to be protected and the environmental conditions prevailing.


Data Processing / Communications 
Reception center
Server Central
Transmitters Radio Stations
Transmitters TV stations
Computer Suites
Storage Facilities
Transformers / transformer stations
Generators / stations
Switching cabinets
Metering stations
Distribute centers
Wind Power Plants
Uninterruptible power systems
Decentralized power generation







    DYNAMECO applications in wind power plants

    Recently, lightning strikes, oil and cable fires have caused many fires in wind energy plants. As the fires in the pods of wind power plants can not be extinguished by the fire service background, as a rule, these plants burn out.

    The injury to operators and safe is enormous. DYNAMECO fire extinguishers are used in three areas of risk of wind power plants.

    In the area of the pods in the transformer room and lockers inside the switch. Low weight and small installation and no unnecessary pressure vessels and pipes are the requirements for fire protection in wind power installations, the fire DYNAMECO perfectly fulfilled. 

    DYNAMECO application in harvester

    If used and / or negligently maintained, harvesters and other locomotives pose some significant risks of fire, which sometimes is even higher due to a highly flammable. In agriculture, the fire almost all causes of loss of all machines, interests and agricultural buildings. Such damage can threaten the existence of a company.

    Harvesters are presenting a high risk of fire. The most common causes of fire are defective fuel and hydraulic lines, hoses, insulation, packaging and storage of highly flammable powder, meal and oil on hot engine parts.

    Extinguisher DYNAMECO generators are very efficient extinguishing appliances of any danger area of harvesters. DYNAMECO 200-E02 and

    DYNAMECO 300-E02 are used depending on each system and concept. They can be triggered manually by the driver's cabin or by an automatic system.

    DYNAMECO application to change gears

    Statistics show that nearly 32% of fires are the result of an electrical installation. The electrical switching cabinets and changing facilities with their active and passive components represent a substantial potential risk.

    A fire can spread through the offices of fire loads of cables and pipes for the main rooms. DYNAMECO Generators are flooding extinguisher cabinets or control centers inside the room because that is where they normally originate.

    The generators can be installed internally or with an external device blowing, blowing the aerosol through a duct in the cabinet. The switching cabinet is extinguished in a few seconds.

    DYNAMECO is highly efficient and accessible extinguishing agent for cabinets and electric control rooms.


    DYNAMECO vehicle application

    For an outbreak of fire in vehicles is very dangerous and critical time, passengers must be rescued within minutes. Soon the temperatures inside the passenger compartment or the environment are rising to more than 100 ° C.

    It is most important to extinguish the fire source immediately to prevent the fire from spreading to the highly flammable components - plastics, tires, etc. It is also very important to avoid the generation of toxic gases (smoke).

    Areas of risk vehicles are engine compartments, assembly of the floor and tanks with fuel and other liquids. Our DYNAMECO extinguisher Generators are covering all areas of risk, such as cars, special vehicles, trucks, buses and lift trucks. Based on the subject of extinction and room flooding.


    DYNAMECO application in transformer stations

    Fires in the high-and low-voltage and transformer stations are extremely dangerous. Aside from the catastrophic consequences of a power failure, a fire in a transformer and / or insulating materials produces highly toxic and harmful to the environment, and waste gases.

    A fire can go out for overheating or in the case of an arc caused by a switch, the leakage current. Human behavior often leads to fires in high-voltage installations.

    Our DYNAMECO Extinguisher Generators are used to the room of flooding - for example, the flooding of a transformer station - or as a fire object.

    So DYNAMECO 200-E02, DYNAMECO 300-E02, and E02-2000 DYNAMECO are used for fire protection in these areas.



    DYNAMECO application in kitchens

    The risk of fires in kitchens with electric deep fat fryers and industrial, is high. Flammable grease and oil temperatures can quickly lead to fires putting personnel and equipment at risk. In the past, not to extinguish fires in time resulted in damages noted. Many home fires can be traced to incipient fires in the kitchen.

    The DYNAMECO fire extinguishers installed in areas of risk to put out the fire within seconds after the shot. The waste can be removed easily and problemfree commercial cleaning products and water.

    Thanks to its structure, light weight, small form factor mechanical and easy to install our DYNAMECO Extinguisher generators are ideal for protecting machine tools.

    A fire can be effectively prevented from spreading through the use of such systems in areas of risk.


    DYNAMECO application processing centers data

    A high percentage of international managers consider the fire the biggest threat to data resources, one in two think the worst threat of viruses, human error comes in third. Global companies and network of organizations today and mostly rely on data resources as their primary capital.

    The steady rise in the amount of data and the complexity of the fire protection means that is becoming more and more relevant. Institutions and companies (including SMEs) were sensitized

    Extinguisher DYNAMECO generators are ideal for the deployment of servers and computer centers. Thanks to its small form factor and its mechanical structure of light-weight, the extinguisher generators can be easily installed directly into these systems. They are connected with magnetic attachments, making holes and screw connections unnecessary. When used to extinguish a fire, the extinguishing agent has no effect on the functionality of the system, the waste can be cleaned with conventional cleaning products.
    Our DYNAMECO 200-E02 are used more for servers and computer centers.




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